Standard Ranks Council


The Standard Ranks’ Council aims to educate, empower and empathise. We educate the Intermediate Ranks (IRs)/Senior Ranks (SRs) on the importance of Junior Ranks (JRs) and ways to show respect to them. We educate the JRs on means to better protect themselves from IRs/SRs abuse and more about the SS operations, meaning its core values and policies to guide them to be splendid IRs in the future. We empower IRs/SRs to do more for the JRs, to show that they care about the wellbeing of their co-workers despite of ranks. We empower JRs to speak up, voice their opinions and let their actions speak louder than their words. We empathise with IRs/SRs who are unable to communicate with JRs and help them achieve a better relation via events and feedback sessions. We empathise with the JRs who feels discriminated and help them find their confidence by making relevant changes. This is the Standard Ranks’ Council and to do a little goes a long way. You don’t have to be a member to start being nice to the JRs, but when you’re nice to JRs, you’re always welcomed to be a member.

The Overseer of the SRC will be the representative of the whole unit as well as for the JRs. The Overseer will take charge of all communications within other EUs/ADs as well as outsourcing to the Foundation. The main role of the Overseer will be to set goals and objectives for the unit and make effort to achieve them together.

The Leader of the SRC will be the middle man between the Leadership of the unit and the Members of the unit. Members will more frequently be interacting with the SRC Leader more than any other Leadership Members. The Leader sets Tasks for the members and takes care of the welfare of SRC Members.

The Controls of the SRC are responsible for maintaining an active unit that always work towards their goals and objectives. The Controls will organise checks on members activity, reward those who are involved and discipline those who are sluggish in their work. They will also be in-charge of keeping track of Members who are on LOA and the grouping of members for different SRC Tasks.


Towards Junior Ranks
  • We will uphold justice for the Junior Ranks whenever they meet with an abusive IR/SR.
  • We will be the friends of the Junior Ranks, making them feel welcome and at home, every time they return to SS.
  • We will encourage the Junior Ranks and cheer them on to complete greater tasks.
  • We will educate the Junior Ranks and guide them to become responsible IRs in the future.
  • We will listen to the Junior Ranks when they face issues/problems they cannot overcome themselves or when they have ideas that no one else are willing to concern about.

  • Towards IRs/SRs
  • We will encourage interactions and communication between JRs and IRs/SRs to improve relations.
  • We will educate the IRs/SRs about fair-treatment of JRs.
  • We will empathise with IRs who are new to their responsibility and authority and treat them with kindness and fairness.

  • Vision
  • To achieve a fair and equal community whereby there is no prejudice against Junior ranks and to establish good JR-IR/SR relations so that everyone is able to enjoy their time in the Secret Service.
  • Members of SRC

    The members of the SRC are valuable asset to the entire unit. Without our members as the link between the unit and the SS population, SRC has no purpose to serve. Our members complete different and interesting Monthly Tasks which allows us to reach our goals and vision. One of the greatest example of SRC task include ‘IR for a day’. This event aims to prepare JRs for the future by building the necessary knowledge and experience as a IR through the event. SRC Members are also always available for the JRs to reach out to. They are the frontlines in the war to establish greater JR-IR/SR relations. They constantly come up with new ideas to improve the welfare of JRs and also consistently look out for the JRs at any point of time without being ordered to do so. One of the greatest change SRC has managed to achieve is to banish the classification known as “Low Ranks” and change it to a more comforting, “Junior Ranks” to eliminate any form of discrimination or discomfort. The presence of SRC are to promote equality between each and every rank regardless, without SRC, the negligence and injustice towards JRs will not be abolished.

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