Hierachy and Ranks

B.U.M Inspector
Patrol Officer
Elite Officer
Field Agent
Senior Agent
Special Agent
By promoting somebody into the Security Division, you will have to train the individual(s) using the Security Training script: http://www.habboss.com/security-training.html. The trainee will have to be able to pass the training in order for them to continue on in the Security Division.

Security Division 20c 45 minutes

Security Officer 3c
Security Officer 2c
Security Officer 1c
Security Consultant 3c
Security Consultant 2c
Security Consultant 1c
Security Generalist
HQ Coordinator 3c
HQ Coordinator 2c
HQ Coordinator 1c
Head of Security
By promoting somebody into the Trainer Division, you will have to train the individual(s) using the Trainer Training script: http://www.habboss.com/trainer-training.html. The trainee will have to be able to pass the training in order for them to continue on in the Trainer Division.

Training Division 40c 60 minutes

Trainer 3c
Trainer 2c
Trainer 1c
Senior Trainer
Training Supervisor
Executive Trainer
Training Generalist
Training Coordinator
Training Manager
Asst. Head of Training
Head of Training

Legal Affairs 60c 60 minutes

Analyst 3c
Analyst 2c
Analyst 1c
Public Secretary
Legal Consultant 3c
Legal Consultant 2c
Legal Consultant 1c
Chief Analyst
Legal Representative
By promoting somebody into the High Rank Division, you will have to train the individual(s) using the High Rank Training script: http://www.habboss.com/hr-training.html. The trainee will have to be able to pass the training in order for them to continue on in the HR Division.

High Rank 80c 60 minutes

Junior HQ Supervisor
HQ Supervisor
Senior HQ Supervisor
High Rank Rep.
Head Executive
HQ Overseer
Junior HQ Overseer
Senior HQ Overseer
Operation Manager
Regulation Manager
Deputy Chief of SS
Chief of SS

Diplomats 105c 60 minutes

Trial Senator
Asst. Senator
Junior Senator
Senior Senator
Asst. Chief Senator
Chief Senator
Asst. Executive Senator
Executive Senator
Asst. Chief Executive Senator
Chief Executive Senator
Head Senator
Senator Speaker
Director Senator

Operational Staff 145c 60 minutes

Program Specialist
Security Specialist
Human Resource Specialist
IT Specialist
Quality Assurance Specialist
Victim Advocate Coordinator
Intelligence Operations Specialist
Contract Specialist
Supply Specialist
Dept. Overseer of the OS
OS Overseer

District Attorney 175c 60 minutes

Trial District Attorney
Asst. District Attorney
Deputy District Attorney
District Attorney
Attorney General
By promoting somebody into OOA, you will have to train the individual(s) using the OOA Training script: http://www.habboss.com/ooa-training.html. The trainee will have to be able to pass the training in order for them to continue on in the OOA Division.

Office of Administration 190c 2-3 hours

Trial OOA
Desk Manager
Vault Officer
Vault Overseer
Senior Chancellor
Senior Admin
Supreme Admin

Senior Management 230c 2-3 hours

Trial Senior Management
Head of Special Ops (HoSO)
Head of Recruitment (HoR)
Head of Trade
Junior Director
Asst. Director
Senior Director
Asst. Head Director
Asst. Chief of SM (ACoSM)
Chief of SM

Top Management 270c 2-3 hours

Trial Top Management
Top Management
Deputy Commissioner
Deputy Inspector
Chief Inspector
Chief Superintendent
Director General
General Manager
Deputy Chief of TM (DCoTM)
Chief of TM

Executive Officer 320c 2-3 hours

Trial Executive Officer
Chief Intelligence Officer (CIO)
Chief Risk Officer (CRO)
Chief Legal Officer (CLO)
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Chief Operations Officer (COO)
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Government 355c 2-3 hours

Trial Secretary
Secretary of War
Secretary of Agriculture
Secretary of Energy
Secretary of Commerce
Secretary of Labor
Secretary of Law
Secretary of Education
Secretary of Treasury
Secretary of Defense
Secretary of State

Board of Directors 430c 2-3 hours

Trial BOD
Director of Standard
Director of Security
Director of Trainer
Director of Legal Affairs
Director of HR
Director of Diplomats
Director of Operational Staff
Director of District Attorney
Director of OOA
Director of SM
Director of TM
Director of EO
Head of Directors

Elite Leaders 555c 12 hours

Trial Elite Member
Elite Member
Elite Board Secretary
Elite Overseer
Elite Commander
Elite Chairman
Head of Elite Leaders
Being promoted throughout Executive Cabniet and any ranks above will become harder as you are increasing in responsibility and overall power. You can view http://www.habboss.com/promotions about promotion standards.

Executive Cabinet 630c 12 hours

Trial Cabinet Member
Cabinet Secretary
Senior Cabinet Secretary
Intelligence Advisor
Military Advisor
Chief Military Advisor
Chief Advisor
Junior Executive Chief
Executive Chief
Senior Executive Chief
Junior National Security Advisor
National Security Advisor
Director of National Security

Leadership 795c 24 hours

Trial Leader
Leader of Low Ranks
Leader of Security
Leader of Trainers
Leader of Legal Affairs
Leader of High Ranks
Experienced Leader
Operational Leader
Superior Leader
Jurisdiction Leader
Provincial Leader
Federal Leader
Chief Justice
Congressman / Congresswoman
Emperor / Empress
Supervisory General
Governor General
Prime Minister

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