Events Planners


Event Planners are responsible for managing and creating events that are open to Secret Service employees, allies, and sometimes even the public. Events range from formal to just plain fun, as well as the fact it's promoting the Secret Service.

richmond233The EP Overseer is in charge of overseeing events and making sure that the events are completed on time. He is also in charge in helping out members with their tasks if needed.
AilexThe EP Leader is in charge of helping the overseer. In the absence of the overseer, the EP leader immediately takes over as temporary overseer. He is also in charge of assigning tasks each month.
.:Qianying:.The EP Control is in charge of disciplining members who cannot help with a task or does not notify the leadership beforehand. He/She is also in charge of keeping the members in check to make sure they are active.


  • Events Planners is all about planning, organizing, leading and controlling events.
  • Ensuring the SS workers to enjoy their moments in SS is the main aim of this unit.
  • Helping to reduce the gaps between Lower Ranks and High Ranks+ is one aim of this unit, "communication is the key".
  • Members are to do the works together as teamwork is the key to success.
  • EP Builder

    Main task of a builder is to construct rooms that the events will be held at according to the theme of the events. You are highly recommended to have experience in room designing. With prior knowledge of setting up wired,it'll be an advantageous addition to the team.

    EP Progressor

    Main task as a progressor is to support the Administration side of the events. Taking good note of setting prizes, hosts, scripts, events timeline and advertising.

    EP Publicist

    Main task of a publicist is to advertise the upcoming events as well as handel posting the upcoming events on forums in order to inform members of the Secret Service beforehand.

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