Conflict Resolution Unit

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The Conflict Resolution Unit or CRU for short is an EU (Exclusive Unit) responsible in handling problems that requires higher level specific attention. The Conflict Resolution Unit handles all conflicts within the Secret Service to bring fairness, peace, and equality in the Secret Service.

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  • Overseer
    The Overseer of CRU is TBA
    Leader The Leader of CRU is responsible for making sure that everything runs smoothly and deals with any internal conflicts. The Leader and Overseer is there to assist every member of CRU as well as developing and giving task to members.

    The Control of CRU is TBA


  • We handle conflicts between peers.
  • To give fair justice between the members who are in conflict.
  • Educating members how to avoid doing the same mistake in the future.
  • To help and support others in dealing with difficult situations.
  • Solving inbase arguments, problems, bullying, and etc.
  • To resolve any problems within the Secret Service.
  • We value the importance of truth and justice.
  • To teach workers of Secret Service on handling different situations.
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