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Do not worry, you aren't doing anything wrong! Throughout your journey working with the Secret Service, you will slowly unlock different regions or stations of HeadQuarters. These stations are guarded with a group gate which you must have the group badge to enter. Once you achieve the unit by working hard, you will be given a badge which you can use to access the station and begin working in that new enviornment.
The Secret Service currently distribute pay fairly to our employees by using a badge which any rank can request. Once an administrator views the hard working of an employee, then they will be asked to request the badge if they have not already. The paybadge is cleared after payday and the cycle restarts.
Payday is currently set at 10AM Eastern (EDT/EST) every Sunday. If you do not run by the Eastern Timezone, we suggest that you use an online time converter to find what time payday is in your timezone.

A badge admin or portal administrator can accept your request. After the administrator accepts your account, you will receive an email to the email that was used when requesting an account to receive your login credentials. If you are a trainer or any rank higher than training, you can request a portal account by going to http://portal.habboss.com/request_membership.php
If you forgot your promoter's name, visit the help desk located in HeadQuarters. State the situation, in this case, you forgot your promoters name. The individual stationed at the help desk can search your last promotion, and your promoter's name. If you need more assistance regarding your promoter, create a new thread by going to http://forum.habboss.com/forums/general-help.78/
You are permitted to wear your own clothing when you reach the unit of Legal Affairs, which is dictated by Section 3.1 of the Code of Conduct. You can also view what clothing is not appropriate in HeadQuarters by reading the Code of Conduct.

EU stands for Exclusive Units. Exclusive Units are special units that deal with a specific focus. Most EUs run by an application system, which you can apply into if you fall under the Exclusive Unit's criteria.

  • Internal Investigating Unit
  • Conflict Resolution Unit
  • Standard Rank Council
  • Social Media Team
  • Development Team
  • Advertising Team
  • Event Planners
  • Administrative Departments deal with low-high priority administrative tasks depending on their purpose. These departments do not usually have a leadership structure, which is usually administered/oversee by selected foundation members.

  • Online Services Administration
  • Intelligence Service Administration
  • Internal Affairs
  • External Affairs
  • You can view the rank list and count how many ranks you have left until your goal or next unit.


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