Advertising Team


The Advertising Team is responsible for the advertising of the Secret Service with the goal to recruit people into the Secret Service. The Advertising Team also does extensive research as well as using advertisement campaigns, and a whole lot other techniques and methods stuck up in their sleeves.

The overseer develops agenda for research and advertising campaigns, ensures that the creativity flows within the members, distribute main tasks within the other members, assign members to their designated groups, making sure of the consistency of members work and reward accordingly, as well as coordinate together with the Leader about the work of member

The leader covers for the Overseer when she is on absence, executes and coordinates the work of the members, gathers and analyzes new ideas for resources and campaigns materials, maintain the communication with other EU's for co-operation purposes, runs different minor tasks that helps the teams efficient day-to-day operations, and assists the overseer with her duties


  • We are the social butterflies of AT where we work hard and play even harder.
  • Advertising is a form of art of expressing oneself to creatively translate into words and images.
  • It has the ability that can move people to think differently, but in the end its purpose to motivate those individuals to act.
  • When it comes to storytelling or speaking, persuasion could be considered as a necessary skill for those wishes to be in our team.
  • We want everyone to feel comfortable engaging with each other as well as doing so with strangers all around habbo.
  • We are in charge of dreaming up, executing advertising campaigns and come up with advertising ideas and bring those ideas into being.
  • Scouters

    Every week, they will take care of going out to scouts for new potential members all around habbo.

    Public Relations

    Their job are to keep the base well advertised regarding events, news and information. This can be done as much as possible and as needed.

    Stay Social